13th December 2016



We understand that a trained, skilled and capable workforce is essential for the well-being and quality care of Britain's vulnerable and elderly. We take keen interest in recruiting carers to deliver this.

Our recruitment and selection procedures meets the legislatory requirements, equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice and all our staff are checked with criminal Records Bureau to ensure your safety. We try to ensure, through rigorous selection and recruitment procedures, that all potential Care staff employees process the appropriate qualification and specialist training and ideally some relevant practical experience.


All staff are provided with written job descriptions identifying their responsibilities and accountabilities and are issued company’s employee handbook which state the requirement of their role and any activities they should not undertake.


Our staff undergo comprehensive induction procedure covering the safeguarding of vulnerable adults, mental Capacity Act 2005, health and safety etc. They are given fully certified mandatory training in the following courses

Fire & Safety
Moving and Handling
Control of Substances hazardous to Health
Basic First aid
Infection Controls
Food and Hygiene


In addition to a standard training package working with health professionals, our care staff receive specialist training, specific to your needs, eg dementia, managing challenging behaviour, learning, disabilities / impairment / autistic spectrum, misuse of alcohol and substance use, end of life care and palliative care. etc

Staff training needs are assessed regularly through supervision and appraisals. we work towards the professional development of our staff and offer support to achieve qualifications in health and social care.